Premium Cast Iron Dutch Oven - 12 Inch / 6 Quart


Made from great quality pre-seasoned cast iron, this pot is perfect for cooking up porridge, yummy soups and warming stews, and can be placed straight into the embers of your fire where it will contentedly bubble away.

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Premium Cast Iron Dutch Oven - 10 Inch / 4 Quart


An ancient design, with a ridged lid for placing hot coals on top and sturdy legs to sit the pot in the fire

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Premium Cast Iron Stove Pots


A fine quality pot for camp and home

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Premium Cast Iron Skillets


A heavy weight cast iron skillet ensures even heat throughout - perfect for steaks, chops and fry ups

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Shropshire Made Iron Pan with Satchel


Perfect for your Bell Tent stove top and open fires, it is also perfect at home on electric, gas, ceramic, halogen & induction hobs.

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Carbon Steel Chestnut Roaster


These carbon steel chestnut roasters not only have an extra long handle to help keep hands away from the flames but the handle is also detachable for easy transportation. These are beautifully finished bits of kit and a must have for any campsite cook.

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Cast Iron Tea Kettle


Made from cast iron, this tea kettle is hardy enough to be placed directly into a hot fire, and its flat bottom means it is equally suited for use on a hob.

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Portable Notebook BBQ


A great British space saving design

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Cast Iron Toasting Fork


Whether it’s toasting marshmallows or teacakes, or making toast in the morning, the Cast Iron Toasting Fork is great fun and the long handle makes it possible for kids to join in the fun (with adult supervision!).

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Dual Fuel Stove - Single Burner


The Dual Fuel Stove is a serious and high-quality addition to your camping kit, and can be run not only on Coleman Liquid Fuel, but also easily obtainable unleaded petrol.

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AeroPress Coffee Maker & Tote Bag


The AeroPress is a hand-powered espresso machine which produces a sweet, full-bodied cup of coffee that is perfect for in the field or at home.

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Jetboil Flash Coffee Press


A little taste of luxury in the great outdoors

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Apron - Denim


A durable denim apron perfect for outdoor cooking
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Easy Pull Food Processor


The Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor is a manual food processor that has a patented design allowing you to chop food with ease and consistency.

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Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Bottle | 1.9L


1.9l Vacuum Bottle keeps drinks hot for 32 hours or cold for 160 hours.

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Kelly Kettles


A classic design that ingeniously boils water using just about any fuel that you can find in a flash

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Kelly Kettle Hobo Stove (Accessory) Large


Place this Hobo Stove™ accessory on to the fire base of your 'Base Camp' or 'Scout' Kelly Kettle

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Kelly Kettle Accessory Pack


Clever accessories to make the most of your Kelly Kettle

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Cupful of Colour


Dishwasher safe bamboo and corn powder cups in vibrant colours

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Lunch Pot


Compact, useful and hygienic, so useful in the field and home

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Eau Good - Water Purifying Bottle


The traditional Japanese method of purification using charcoal is put to excellent use in this sustainable water bottle.

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Enamel Recycling Bin - Small


A compact bin to keep your tent tidy or your office organised. Small enough to keep in your tent or on the work surfaces in your kitchen for your compostable scraps, the Small Enamel Recycling Bin comes with a lid to keep your rubbish inside, a...
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Collapsible Lunch Box and Spork


Perfect for camping trips, these handy lunch sets can be used for picnics when hiking, or even for packed lunches at work. Made from heat safe, dishwasher safe and FDA food safety approved silicone, the Collapsible Lunch Box And Spork can be us...
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Collapsible Kettle


This space-saving and efficient kettle makes boiling water an entirely hassle-free affair. Far more convenient and safe than simply boiling a pot of water, the collapsible body clever device is made from silicone while the base is stainless ste...
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Enamel Spoon Set - Cream


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A lovely enamel spoon set, comprising of a spoon, strainer and ladle. Made in classic cream enamel, these three essential items will last as long as your tent does, and are ideal for cooking and serving up delicious soups and stews at camp. ...
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