Emperor Coir Matting (Type 1, lengthways fit)



The ultimate flooring option for Emperors, our hardwearing Coir Matting instantly transforms a tent, taking it up a level of luxury.

Specially designed by Bell Tent UK, our Indian-made Coir Matting is incredibly durable and looks wonderful, as well as creating a proper layer of insulation between you and the ground, and is ideal for people who want the very best set-up, or for professional or long-term users.

Two types of Emperor Coir Matting are available. The rectangular option runs lengthways along your tent, with corners than can be folded under to match the shape of the groundsheet. The square option runs width-ways across your tent, and has shaped corners to fit neatly along the base of the walls.

All of our responsibly-made coir comes from sources certified by the Coir Board of India, and is of a S3M4 rating – which happens to be same as used by Buckingham Palace in the Queen’s annual tea party marquees! It has a very strong weave which gives good height to the coir, meaning greater insulation, more stiffness (so less rumpling and tripping) and a much longer life.

For added hardiness, the outer curved edges on both types are finished with dark brown cotton binding while the straight edges are stitched.

A resilient and natural flooring choice to make your tent as comfortable as possible.


Please note that the combined weight of two sections of Emperor Coir Matting is over 30 kilograms and are very large, so please bear this in mind when considering your order.