45º Flashing Kit for Tent Stoves 3"-6"


45º Flashing kit for angled roofs, ideal for stoves with a larger flue, from three to six inches.

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Jetboil Flash Coffee Press


A little taste of luxury in the great outdoors

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Jetboil Flash Cooking System


A really clever piece of kit to get the most efficient use out of your gas canister and secure your cooking kit on top of the heat.

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Kelly Kettle Accessory Pack


Clever accessories to make the most of your Kelly Kettle

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Dual Fuel Stove - Single Burner


The Dual Fuel Stove is a serious and high-quality addition to your camping kit, and can be run not only on Coleman Liquid Fuel, but also easily obtainable unleaded petrol.

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Fire Extinguisher


Compact, but able to handle most campsite mishaps, a good bit of insurance for peace of mind in camp

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