The Pokket Mixer


Ideal for budding DJs and audiophiles, the ingenious Pokket Mixer is perfect for anyone who wants to create a professional party vibe in a flash. This German-made, beautifully finished item provides a DJ-style set up in a pocket-sized unit, ide...
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Tipi Kit for Frontier PLUS Stove


Designed for the Frontier Plus when used in a tipi tent with a pre-fitted flue hole.

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Touareg Inner Tent


Designed for the 4.4 Metre Touareg, this inner allows you to get the benefit of separate interior compartments. This model allows Standard and Deluxe Touareg owners to create a compartment lengthways along their tent. Up to two can be fitted, w...
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Traveller Stove (Bundle)


A beautifully crafted, powerful wood burning stove designed with cooking in mind ideal for the longer-term user and those who appreciate excellent design.
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Traveller Wooden Stand


Found the perfect pitch for your hammock, but just missing the other tree? This fold down stand is the answer!

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Ultramar Canvas & Cotton Protector


Ultramar Protector Canvas is very suitable for the treatment of cotton, canvas and linen. It makes tents, sails, boat covers, covers and awnings waterproof and dirt repellent. 5 litre: 25 – 50m² depending on the age of fabric Impregnating...
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Ultramar Power Cleaner


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Ultramar Power Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner which removes heavy pollution and deeply ingrained stains from your tent. For mild or moderate soiling, we recommend you to use Ultramar Shampoo. 1 litre: 8 – 15 m² depending on the type of fabr...
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Ultramar Tent Shampoo


For removing stains, algae, fungi, filthy water, etc. Ultramar Shampoo is a very effective cleaner for tents, sails, boat covers and awnings. For heavy pollution, we recommend you to use Ultramar Power Cleaner. Covers: 0.5 L = 4 to 7 m² (dep...
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Unbelievable Saw


An ingenious, highly efficient hand powered tool that cuts through wooden logs with no trouble – and can fit in your pocket. The American-made Unbelievable Saw is essentially a hand-powered chainsaw without the weight, storage issues and enviro...
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Wet & Forget: Mould, Algae, Lichen and Moss Removal & Killer (5L)


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Remove mould and mildew from the source and extend time between cleaning. Features a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants that when diluted with water and applied destroy mould, mildew and grime while cleaning the canvas on...
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Wooden Hammock Stand Arc


Spruce wood hammock stand, allowing you to lie back and relax in that perfect spot without the need of any trees.

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Xtra Large Handmade Brazilian Hammock


A superior hammock, designed in Brazil and resilient to the harshest tropical weather conditions, so should be fine in a field in Devon!

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Xtra Xtra Large Handmade Brazilian Hammock


Super size hammocks, hand made in Brazil, amazing comfort, really hard wearing.

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