90 ltr Waterproof Adventure Duffel Bag

£79.99 £60.00

These versatile duffels are incredibly hard-wearing (made from PVC tarpaulin) and waterproof – perfect if you’re caught in a sudden downpour or campsite flood.

The great thing about these bags are that there are three ways of carrying – by the handle, by the shoulder strap, or it converts into a rucksack in around one minute, if you want to spread the load. Having no frame, it weighs hardly anything, and rolls up really small, so are perfect for camping, travelling or holidays when you don’t want to use up your luggage allowance on a heavy bag!

With two pockets for easy access to those essentials, the zips are also lockable for piece of mind when you’re moving from place to place.

Please note: this bag doesn’t use the waterproof folding system like our 2 Ninja duffel bags, and has a zip instead. It’s water resistant rather than waterproof – so it will stay lovely and dry if it’s sitting upright in a foot of water, but if it gets submerged water may work its way in through the zip on top

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