Eco Natural Handloomed Rugs (Multiple Colours)



100% Recycled cotton, a tough and cozy hand made rug from India

These are hand loomed in India and are a perfect balance between style, function and portability. The extra insulation they provide make a big difference in warmth and comfort. They pack down easily, add a few to overlap and make a really cozy layered floor, ideal for guests to come and chill out and relax in warmth and comfort.

Providing an essential extra layer of insulation from the ground, these rugs make it much more comfortable for people to sit on the floor, freeing up much more potential for hanging out in your tent.

Available in three sizes and five styles, these rugs can be packed down small for easy transportation and can even be safely cleaned in launderette-sized washing machines.

Comfortable and versatile flooring to add homeliness to your Bell Tent.


Small: 90 cm x 150 cm
Medium: 120 cm x 180 cm
Large: 180 cm x 245 cm