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Minirig 2 | Portable Speaker


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This is the ultimate self-powered speaker, allowing you to take exceptional quality sound with you wherever you go.

The handmade, British-made Minirig is a small, sleek and pleasantly weighty unit whose sound is incomparable to other mini portable speakers on the market.

Crafted from premium quality, brushed aluminium and poly-carbonite, the Minirig has up to an incredible 50 hours of battery life, making it ideal for travellers, campers and festival goers. Cleverly powering up and down when the 3.5mm cable jack is inserted or ejected, there are no knobs or switches other than a discreet button to power up and down when playing in Bluetooth mode. Battery life is indicated by a colour changing indicator that tells you when you need to charge up, and, as a further bonus, once charged the Minirig can in fact be used as a battery to charge your phone.

The speaker is linkable, meaning an unlimited number of units can be joined together in a cable for greater power of sound. They are also highly compatible, and come supplied with a 3.5mm jack cable for use with almost all mobile phones, MP3 players and laptops, as well as a USB charging cable that can be plugged into a laptop or USB plug. Each speaker also comes with a protective padded cover.

Sturdy yet sleek, the Minirig is a high quality audiophile product for those who won’t compromise on sound quality.

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