Hello, solo campers! Love the thought of a bell tent but worried about having to set it up all on your own? No worries, we've got this! The burning question we're tackling today is: "Can one person put up a bell tent?" Let's dive right in, shall we?

Self-Reliance and Bell Tents

The beauty of a bell tent lies in its simplicity. Unlike some tents that require an engineering degree to assemble, bell tents are designed with a straightforward setup process. That's great news if you're planning a solitary retreat into the wilds.

The Solo Setup Process

Here's the general idea: once you've picked your perfect spot, roll out the tent and rotate it so the door is facing the view. Then get busy using the small pegs to peg out the groundsheet. Now unzip that door and place the main pole in the centre. Prop it up, and voila, your tent starts to take shape! Then, add the A-frame at the entrance and zip the door back up. Now it’s time to peg out those guy ropes and make sure you follow the line of the seams so you get it symmetrical. Finally, give those guys a little tighten, and you're all set!  This is where you might wish you'd skipped that arm day at the gym, but trust us, it's manageable and you're no longer a mere hiker but a proud bell tent owner!

The Value of Practice

A little practice never hurt anyone. If you're new to bell tents, consider doing a few test runs in your backyard or local park. This way, you'll be prepared for your wilderness adventure, and you'll have your tent ready in record time. Remember, in camping, as in life, preparation is key!


So, there's your answer, brave solo campers - yes, setting up a bell tent is absolutely a one-person job! Only the larger Emperor Bell Tents need two to raise the main poles. It's all about the ingenious design of the bell tent, which combines simplicity with functionality. With a little practice, you'll be pitching your tent like a pro, leaving you more time to enjoy the serenity of your surroundings. Happy solo camping or just be the family hero!

Bell Tent 2.0