Changed your mind?

If there is nothing wrong with your purchase but you change your mind, returns are accepted. To return an item, the original purchaser needs to contact us within 14 days of receiving the item

To return an item, the original purchaser should fill out the returns form to notify us of the return, along with the original order number. You are not obliged to provide us with a reason for your return if you have changed your mind, but we would be grateful for a brief explanation to improve customer service in the future.

Cancelled goods must be returned to our London office, for which the customer is liable for the cost. This can be arranged by the customer, or through Bell Tent UK using our pre-negotiated courier services. Please be aware that returning large items can be very costly.

Upon receipt of the cancelled goods, we will check it is in an unused condition and issue a full refund, excluding the cost of any shipping.

All the consumer rights under the The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 apply.

Manufacturing defect?

If there is a problem with your Bell Tent UK purchase, please contact us within 14 days by filling out the returns form. You will be asked to supply photographs (via email) of the problem for an initial assessment.

Suspected faulty goods will need to be returned to Bell Tent UK. This will be arranged through Bell Tent UK using our pre-negotiated courier services. If the presence of a fault is found then shipping costs will be refunded. If a customer organises their own delivery of returned items, Bell Tent UK will not be liable for the cost.
Upon receipt of the suspected faulty goods, we will make a further assessment. Replacement or reimbursement will then be made in accordance with your legal rights.
We recommend that all new purchases be checked over on receipt, to familiarise yourself with our new item, and so that we can make the necessary replacements in the unlikely event of missing parts – before your camping trip!

Returns conditions

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all goods, including faulty goods, are returned in a reasonable condition.
Goods will not be accepted if in an unusable, damaged or mouldy condition. Defective goods will not be accepted if they are not returned in a reasonable condition.

We strongly recommend that to preserve the condition of all returns, and to make sure that you are not liable for any damage or deterioration of goods in transit, you use the item’s original packaging to return the item to us. If this is not possible you should contact us for advice on how best to package the goods to be returned. Under no circumstances will we accept wet and mouldy returned tents.

12 Month Manufacturing Warranty

 The tents come with insured shipping and a 12 month manufacturer's guarantee against manufacturing defects. Please note: this guarantee covers manufacturing issues (such as bad stitching and water-proofing), but it is not a blanket insurance policy against damage caused by wear and tear or adverse weather conditions, such as high wind. Poles bending in high winds are not a warranty issue and replacements can be purchased from us from £25, plus shipping costs.

Inflatable Mattresses

Please note: It is recommended that you inflate any mattress for a 'test' evening before you wish to use it. Our manufacturing warranty covers manufacturing faults such as faulty stitching, seams or valves, but does not cover signs of misuse or wear and tear. Due to the nature of inflatable mattresses, if after the first test night no fault is found, the item is deemed to be fit for purpose and no refund will be given.
Please keep hold of your transparent, self-adhesive repair patches that come with your mattress!
In the unlikely event of a puncture, we recommend:
  • First - Inflate the punctured mattress fully, and listen for the puncture. If you can't find it, then...
  • Second - Rub soapy water over the suspected area of the inflated mattress and look for the bubbles. If you still don't have any luck...
  • Third - Put your inflated mattress in a bath and squeeze! Most punctures can be found easily with one of these 3 methods.

Returns From Outside The UK

 We will be happy to assess all returns on the basis set out above. However, Bell Tent UK will not be liable for the additional cost of delivering returned goods from outside of the UK to our London office.
We aim to provide a high level of customer support and service, so if in doubt drop us a line via email to or on 07830 355 993