5m Ultimate Single Pole Tipi Tent


Spacious enough for the family tribe and kit, our 5-metre Ultimate Single Pole Tipi Tent is highly portable, fast to put up and perfect for camping or Glamping.

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6m Ultimate Single Pole Tipi Tent


The XXL Tipi for those who like to go large. Its monstrous size means it can be used for a a variety of uses while still being simple and quick to pitch.

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Hand-whittled Wooden Peg Pack


Handmade in Dorset, these beautiful ash wood pegs look great when used to secure the guy ropes of your tent.

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Ultimate Peg Pack


Everything you need to make the pegging of your tent hassle-free and super sturdy.

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20x Heavy-duty Glow in the Dark Pegs in a Recycled Box


Tough steel stakes topped with a heavy-duty plastic, this set of 20 pegs will help prevent those annoying trips over guy ropes. During the day, the phosphorescent material soaks up the light, then at night releases it for a steady glow.

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Our Tipi Collection is perfect for anyone looking for a space-saving, traditional design that is super quick and easy to pitch.

The 4m Tipi is an ideal space for two but can sleep up to four adults at a push. Our 5m Tipi is our most popular, creating a luxury space for two or three adults whilst comfortably sleeping up to eight adults on roll mats. Our 6m Tipi is perfect for a family of four or can sleep up to ten on roll mats – ideal for scout groups!

All our Tipis come in our best-selling Ultimate style, featuring a heavy-duty 540gsm groundsheet that connects with a zip to the 285gsm premium cotton canvas. Keep the tent zipped up for a water-tight seal or roll up part or all the walls to let a breeze flow through on a hot summer’s day. Get the best of both worlds!

The single-pole design significantly reduces the carry weight compared to their Bell Tent and traditional Tipi counterparts and makes them much faster to pitch. No more humping around long poles and no permanent hole in the roof!

The unique Tipi design means they can be used with or without the guy ropes, depending on the weather. You don’t usually need to use guy ropes, making it fast to pitch and reducing the pitching space required. Quick pitching and smaller footprints make these tents perfect for festivals – you also avoid the guy rope trip hazard!

Our Tipis include a vented, waterproof top opening that you can adjust from outside the tent. Open the vent for better ventilation and airflow, or close it to keep the rain out. The vent also allows for the easy installation of a stove using a Tipi Flue Kit without cutting a hole in your tent.

For this style tent, we recommend our British Made Frontier Stove for the 4m tipi or our Frontier PLUS Stove for the 5m or 6m teepees. These stoves already come with a FREE Tipi Flue Kit, so you don’t have to purchase this separately. You can look at our Camping Stoves and Ovens to see the full range of stoves and stove accessories.

Please note that, unlike our Bell Tents, the Tipi centre pole does not have a “D-ring” attachment, so you can’t fit an inner tent. However, you can add a jubilee clip to the pole if you want to fit a chandelier.

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