5 metre Ultimate Single Pole Tipi

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Spacious enough for the family tribe and kit, our 5 metre Ultimate Single Pole Tipi is highly portable, fast to put up and perfect for camping or glamping

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6 metre Ultimate Single Pole Tipi

£699.00 £629.10

The XXL Tipi for those who like to go large. Its monstrous size means it can be used for a a variety of uses while still being simple and quick to pitch.

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20x Heavy-duty Glow in the Dark Pegs in a Recycled Box


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Tough steel stakes topped with a heavy-duty plastic, this set of 20 pegs will help prevent those annoying trips over guy ropes. During the day, the phosphorescent material soaks up the light, then at night releases it for a steady glow.

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Hand-whittled Wooden Peg Pack


These British-made, solid ash pegs add a truly retro feel to your set-up. Handmade in Dorset, these beautiful ash wood pegs look great when used to secure the guy ropes of your tent. Combined with a 32oz rubber mallet with a wooden handle, t...
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