Hello, camping enthusiasts! When it comes to choosing the perfect bell tent, size matters. It's like picking out a cozy home under the stars, and you want to make sure there's enough room for everyone and everything. So, let's crack the code and figure out which bell tent size is a perfect match for you.

Cozy for Two

If you're a dynamic duo looking for a romantic retreat or simply two friends on an adventure, a 3m bell tent is your perfect match. It's compact for easy transportation and setup, but don’t be fooled, it still offers ample space for a comfortable double mattress and your essential gear. Perfect for cuddling up or chilling out!

Ideal for Four

Got a squad of four? The 4m bell tent is your go-to option. There's enough room to comfortably sleep four adults or a small family, and you'll still have that precious extra space for your camping gear or a little communal area for late-night card games or story-telling sessions.

Come alive with Five

Bell Tent UK offers a 4.5m “inbetweener” which is great four or five people. If you want everyone doing the glamping thing on domestic-size mattresses you’ll need to push onto the best-selling 5m.

Spacious for Six

If you're a group of six, we’re talking family or a good bunch of friends, step up to the 5m bell tent. You'll have plenty of room for everyone to sleep comfortably and that much-needed extra space for gear, indoor activities, and maybe even a mini dance-off!

Adding Kids to the Mix?

If children are part of your camping equation, you might want to size up. Little ones come with their own paraphernalia - toys, comfort blankets, more clothes! So, for two adults with kids, consider the 4m tent. If you're four adults with children, the 5m or even the expansive 6m would be a more comfortable choice, ensuring room for all the fun and frolics kids bring along.


And there you have it! Selecting the right size bell tent is all about considering your camping crew's size, and remembering to account for comfort, storage space and the room to live a little! The right bell tent can enhance your camping experience, turning it into a story that echoes around campfires for years to come. Happy camping!

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