3m Deluxe Bell Tent


It's a super compact design that can fit a king size bed. Our Deluxe 3m Bell Tents feature an integral heavy duty ground sheet for added piece of mind and security.

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3m Standard Bell Tent


A versatile, sturdy adventure tent, ideal for one or two adults. Our first bell tent, launched in 2006, the Standard has a separate lightweight groundsheet so the sides can be rolled up, and makes carrying the tent easier to split up and carry.

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3m Ultimate Bell Tent


Now the best selling version of a Bell Tent, we developed our Ultimate model in 2007 to combine the best features of the Standard and Deluxe versions; the security of the heavy duty groundsheet with a rugged hidden zip giving you the flexibility to roll up the sides in fine weather.

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4m Standard Bell Tent


The standard model features a separate lightweight ground sheet, and our premium unbleached cotton canvas. Roll up the walls on a hot summer day to create a floating canopy above you.

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4m Ultimate Bell Tent


Our Ultimate 4m offering with heavy duty zippable groundsheet. Perfect for a family of four with all their kit, or a really luxurious space for two, a king size bed, chandelier candles, rugs and a stove - perfect accessories to really get cozy

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4.4m Deluxe Touareg Tent


Inspired by the tents of the nomadic Touareg peoples of the Sahara, this tent fits up to two double mattresses with a walkway in the middle. With two doors and windows, each fitted with micro mesh to keep the bugs out and lots of space to get creative, have a look at our accessories and conjure up a little bit of Camping with Soul magic.

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4.5m Ultimate Bell Tent


We developed our 'inbetweener' tent for campers who felt the 4 meter tent just a little small and the 5 meter just a little large, for them this was just right.

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5m Deluxe Bell Tent


The choice of many a professional user, our 5 meter deluxe bell tent has an integrated heavy duty groundsheet, creating a ten centimeter high 'bath tub' effect for added protection should your pitch become waterlogged. This watertight seal means a deluge of rain on canvas will leave you feeling protected rather than wondering if everyone can sleep in the car! - a perfect large all weather tent.

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5m Standard Bell Tent


The lightest of our 5 meter range, the 5 metre Standard is ideal for leisurely mobile camping. Will accommodate groups of eight on roll mats, a large family's glamping oasis, or a truly epic space for two.

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5m Ultimate Bell Tent


Back in the day, many of you asked for the security and reassurance of an attached groundsheet, without losing the unique feature of being able to roll the walls up. So, in 2008 we invented what we modestly called the 'Ultimate Bell Tent' by adding a hidden heavy duty zip between the groundsheet and canvas to the Deluxe design. This much copied innovation gives you all the functionality of rolling up the walls in fine weather without losing the 'bath tub design' groundsheet for heavy weather.

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5m Ultimate PRO MESH Bell Tent


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It features integrated fine mesh doors and removable mesh walls meaning that you can unzip and roll up the canvas sides of the tent whilst still being protected from flying and crawling bugs. The fine mesh will even keep pesky midges at bay.

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5m Ultimate Single Pole Tipi Tent


Spacious enough for the family tribe and kit, our 5 metre Ultimate Single Pole Tipi Tent is highly portable, fast to put up and perfect for camping or glamping

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6m Standard Emperor Bell Tent


Launched in 2009, our Emperor Bell Tent delivers a spectacular twist on the classic bell tent design. We stretched a bell tent, added more A-frames to create an elegant sillhouette with loads more head room, ideal for epic glamping.

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6m Ultimate Bell Tent


Launched in 2016 our 6m Ultimate features a heavy-duty groundsheet can be separated from the canvas using the sturdy zip, allowing you to roll up the sides and enjoy a cool breeze on a hot day - our super-sized Ultimate Bell Tent gives you the best of both worlds.

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6m Ultimate PRO MESH Twin Door Bell Tent


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The Twin Door 6m Ultimate Pro Mesh includes detachable fine mesh walls and doors to keep midges and creepy crawlies out! With two opposing doors this tent is ideal for attaching to other tents, structures and vehicles, see our awnings for inspiration! A professional, heavyweight tent for all seasons and all terrains

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6m Ultimate Single Pole Tipi Tent


The XXL Tipi for those who like to go large. Its monstrous size means it can be used for a a variety of uses while still being simple and quick to pitch.

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