3m Standard Bell Tent


A versatile, sturdy adventure tent, ideal for one or two adults. Our first bell tent, launched in 2006, the Standard has a separate lightweight groundsheet so the sides can be rolled up, making the tent easier to split up and carry.

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3m Ultimate Bell Tent


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Now the best selling version of a Bell Tent, we developed our Ultimate model in 2007 to combine the best features of the Standard and Deluxe versions; the security of the heavy duty groundsheet with a rugged hidden zip giving you the flexibility to roll up the sides in fine weather.

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Groundsheet Protector Footprint for 3m Bell Tent


Available with or without eyelets, the protector fits perfectly underneath the footprint of your Bell Tent

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Ultimate Peg Pack


Everything you need to make the pegging of your tent hassle-free and super sturdy.

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PRO Tent Pegs


PRO Tent Pegs (same as provided with our PRO range) are specially designed for hard and rocky ground.

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Centre Pole for 3m Bell Tents


Use instead of the tripod poles which come with your 3m Bell Tent to make it lighter in transit.

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3m Bell Tent Pole Set (Tripod)


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Recycled Cotton Chindi Carpet for 3m Bell Tent


The carpet is full-moon sized, so it perfectly fits your 3-metre bell tent. Its tightly woven construction is very hard-wearing and easy to hand or spot clean.

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3m Bell Tent Coir Matting


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Reflective Guy Ropes (Pack of 16)


Set of 16 Reflective Guy Ropes
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Our 3 metre Bell Tent Collection is perfect for everyone seeking a small, high-quality, cotton canvas tent for one or two people. Ideal for camping at festivals or a couple’s last-minute weekend getaway, this tent size is the only back-packable Bell Tent.

Exclusively for this size, we have designed an innovative tripod pole system to allow for more open floor space, meaning you can fit up to a queen-sized mattress without having a centre pole stuck in the middle of it.

Our 3m canvas tents can also be used with our optional Centre Pole for 3m Bell Tents if you don't need a double bed. This option substantially reduces the amount of metalwork and weight and is an excellent add-on for those outward-bound campers who want to travel light.

Here are more of our customer’s favourite accessories for 3m Bell Tents:

Bell Tent 2.0