4.5m Ultimate Bell Tent


We developed our inbetweener tent for campers who felt the 4 meter tent just a little small and the 5 meter just a little large, for them this was just right.

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4.5m Ultimate PRO MESH Bell Tent


The 4.5m Ultimate Mesh Pro includes detachable fine mesh walls and doors to keep midges and creepy crawlies out! A professional, heavyweight tent for all seasons and all terrains.

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4.5m Bell Tent Inner Tent


Divide your tent into sleeping and living areas. Lightweight and easy to set up, it creates a cosy, private space for sleeping. A tent within a tent!

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Hand-whittled Wooden Peg Pack


Handmade in Dorset, these beautiful ash wood pegs look great when used to secure the guy ropes of your tent.

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Ultimate Peg Pack


Everything you need to make the pegging of your tent hassle-free and super sturdy.

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20x Heavy-duty Glow in the Dark Pegs in a Recycled Box


Tough steel stakes topped with a heavy-duty plastic, this set of 20 pegs will help prevent those annoying trips over guy ropes. During the day, the phosphorescent material soaks up the light, then at night releases it for a steady glow.

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Our 4.5 metre Bell Tent Collection is the perfect middle ground if a 5 metre tent is too big or a 4 metre tent is too small.

The extra width between the Centre Pole and the wall makes room for up to a king-size mattress without the bed touching the sides, and the extra headroom makes it much easier for adults to move around.

The extra size makes this size ideal for a couple who wants a spacious glamping set-up or for a family of four wanting more room to move around and enjoy their tent space.

Our 4.5m canvas tents can be easily fitted with a Flashing Kit to allow for the use of a stove. You can learn how to do this by reading our blog Installing a Flashing Kit/Stove Hole

For this size, we recommend our British-made Frontier Stove, which already comes with a FREE Bell Tent Flashing Kit, or our Orland Tent Stove, hand-made in Denmark. To see our full range of stoves and stove accessories, you can look at our Camping Stoves and Ovens collection.

You can use a variety of our Tent Awnings and Tarps with our 4.5 metre tents, such as our Malu Awning or Small 90cm Pro Porch & Connector.

Here are more of our customer’s favourite accessories for 4.5m Bell Tents:

Bell Tent 2.0