Nikwax Tech Wash & Cotton Proof


Tech Wash is a specially designed wash-in cleaner for waterproof canvas, and it safely revitalises the breathability and water-resistance of the canvas of your tent or awning. It can be used for a quick spot clean or to wash the entire tent.

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Wet & Forget: Mould, Algae, Lichen and Moss Removal & Killer (5L)


Wet & Forgets' gentle cleaning action uses post treatment weathering technology, meaning that elements such as rain and wind help the solution to keep working overtime.

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2.5 litres Fabsil Universal Protector Liquid


Easy and effective waterproofing for your tent, awning, and marquee.

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Fabsil Tent Care Kit


Clean, care and protect your tent canvas and outdoor fabrics with our favourite all-in-one Fabsil kit, includes Tent + Gear Cleaner, Fabsil Universal Protector, and sponge.

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Tear-Aid® Canvas Tent Repair Kit - Type A


An industrial-strength material formulated for use on canvas, ideal for fixing holes, rips or loose stitching. Durable, flexible, airtight, watertight and puncture-resistant – Tear-Aid® is an invaluable tool used in many industries where an air-tight, water-tight seal is essential.

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Magic Clips x 4


Endlessly useful and hard-wearing clips for instant fixes. They are ideal for creating new guy rope attachments, mending peg points on the groundsheet and even creating new ones.

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Ultimate Peg Pack


Everything you need to make the pegging of your tent hassle-free and super sturdy.

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20x Heavy-duty Glow in the Dark Pegs in a Recycled Box


Tough steel stakes topped with a heavy-duty plastic, this set of 20 pegs will help prevent those annoying trips over guy ropes. During the day, the phosphorescent material soaks up the light, then at night releases it for a steady glow.

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Hand-whittled Wooden Peg Pack


Handmade in Dorset, these beautiful ash wood pegs look great when used to secure the guy ropes of your tent.

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