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5m Standard Bell Tent


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The lightest of our 5 meter range, the 5 metre Standard is ideal for leisurely mobile camping. Will accommodate groups of eight on roll mats, a large family's glamping oasis, or a truly epic space for two.

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5m Deluxe Bell Tent


The choice of many a professional user, our 5 meter deluxe bell tent has an integrated heavy duty groundsheet, creating a ten centimetre high 'bath tub' effect for added protection should your pitch become waterlogged. This watertight seal means a deluge of rain on canvas will leave you feeling protected rather than wondering if everyone can sleep in the car! - a perfect large all weather tent.

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5m Ultimate Bell Tent


Back in the day, many of you asked for the security and reassurance of an attached groundsheet, without losing the unique feature of being able to roll the walls up. So, in 2008 we invented what we modestly called the 'Ultimate Bell Tent' by adding a hidden heavy duty zip between the groundsheet and canvas to the Deluxe design. This much copied innovation gives you all the functionality of rolling up the walls in fine weather without losing the 'bath tub design' groundsheet for heavy weather.

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5m Ultimate PRO MESH Bell Tent


It features integrated fine mesh doors and removable mesh walls meaning that you can unzip and roll up the canvas sides of the tent whilst still being protected from flying and crawling bugs. The fine mesh will even keep pesky midges at bay.

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5m Ultimate PRO Twin Door Bell Tent


Our two door Ultimate Pro is ideal for connecting to other tents, structures or vehicles - flexible, hardwearing, a tent for years of adventures to come.

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5m Bell Tent Inner Tent


The use of an inner allows you to divide your space between living and sleeping areas, or to create separate bedrooms. With a built in groundsheet and mesh walls, the inner can be zipped closed to create an insular, bug proof area.

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5m Pro Quarter Inner Tent


This inner tent creates a quarter-sized compartment that is able to comfortably fit a queen sized double bed or two singles, ideal for creating a bedroom or kids area, leaving the bulk of the tent as living space.

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Hand-whittled Wooden Peg Pack


Handmade in Dorset, these beautiful ash wood pegs look great when used to secure the guy ropes of your tent.

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Ultimate Peg Pack


Everything you need to make the pegging of your tent hassle-free and super sturdy.

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20x Heavy-duty Glow in the Dark Pegs in a Recycled Box


Tough steel stakes topped with a heavy-duty plastic, this set of 20 pegs will help prevent those annoying trips over guy ropes. During the day, the phosphorescent material soaks up the light, then at night releases it for a steady glow.

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Our 5 metre Bell Tent Collection is our best-selling size, an ideal camping size for a family of five, as a luxurious space for four adults, or as a truly glam suite for two.

Our 5m Bell Tents are used by our sister company, Hotel Bell Tent, due to their versatility. Our sister company set up glamp-sites at festivals and sporting events, like Glastonbury and Silverstone F1.

Whether you are a family wanting a luxury set-up or a small business setting up a campsite or rental company, our 5m Bell Tent is a great choice, and allows for plenty of space to glamp-out your tent.

All of our 5m canvas tents can be easily fitted with a Flashing Kit to allow for the use of a stove. You can learn how to do this by reading our blog post Installing a Flashing Kit/Stove Hole.

We recommend our British-made Frontier PLUS Stove for this size, which already comes with a FREE Bell Tent Flashing Kit, or our Orland Camp Stove, hand-made in Denmark. You can look at our Camping Stoves and Ovens to see the full range of stoves and stove accessories.

A variety of our Tent Awnings and Tarps can be used with our 5 metre tents, such as our Bell Tent Porch or Large 180cm Pro Porch & Connector.

Here are more of our customer’s favourite accessories for 5m Bell Tents:

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