A simple guide to show our tent specs and sizes.

Standard Bell Tent with separate groundsheet.

Standard bell tent with separate groundsheet

The Standard come in four sizes: 3 metre, 4 metre, 5 metre & 6 metre. This range has a separate groundsheet which allows the walls to be rolled up.The groundsheet tucks underneath the groundsheet to keep the water out. The groundsheet on the Standard is lightweight - 140gsm, but tough.

Deluxe Bell Tent with sewn in groundsheet.

Deluxe bell tent with sewn in groundsheet

The Deluxe, sizes: 3 metre, 4 metre & 5 metre, features a sewn in, permanently attached groundsheet - perfect for all-weather assurance and very useful when camping with pets or small children! The Deluxe models have a thicker, 540gsm groundsheet.

Ultimate Bell Tent with zippable groundsheet.

Ultimate bell tent with zippable groundsheet

Our Ultimate models - 3 metre, 4 metre, 4.5 metre, 5 metre & 6 metre - feature a zipped groundsheet. As with the Standard range, the groundsheet detaches from the tent canvas, allowing you to roll the sides up in warm weather and let the breeze flow through. The heavy duty zip creates a waterproof ‘bathtub effect’ when attached, with the groundsheet rising 10cm from the ground to give extra peace of mind in wet weather. Ultimate models have heavy duty - 540gsm groundsheets.

Ultimate PRO Mesh Bell Tent with zippable groundsheet.

Ultimate pro mesh bell tent with zippable groundsheet

The PRO - 4 metre, 4.5 metre and 5 metre range. As with the Ultimate models, these feature a heavy duty zippable groundsheet. Designed for the more committed camper; the PRO tents have thicker canvas, groundsheet (650gsm) and are more mould and UV resistant. Generally the PRO range are harder wearing. This does mean that the PRO tents are about 15% heavier than the ultimate tents so it is worth considering your camping style when adding in the extra weight and equipment.

Ultimate Pro Mesh Twin Door Bell Tent with zippable groundsheet.

Twin door ultimate pro mesh bell tent

The Pro Twin door - 4 metre, 5 metre & 6 metre. Featuring two doors for great adaptability, every aspect of this adaptation of the classic Bell Tent has been beefed up.  The two door feature is great if you are considering connecting your bell tents together, giving you separate living areas, using our Pro Porch and Connector.

Emperor Bell Tents come in Standard and Ultimate versions.

Emperor bell tent

The Emperor (Standard and Ultimate) is the ultimate Glamping tent, nothing comes close and is used by Hotel Bell Tent for their top of the range, boutique camping. We've taken our classic Bell Tent, cut it down the middle and added a crossbar to create a twin poled palace. The roof has been raised to 3m and has an A-frame at either end, allowing for generous head room and floor space throughout the tent.

Canvas Types

Premium Canvas - Our Premium canvas is used for our Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate Bell Tents. Lightweight but strong (285 grams per square metre post proofing), high quality, unbleached, cotton canvas – the perfect balance between durability and portability. It is a fabulous unbleached colour - no bright white nightmares - creating an iconic silhouette, and giving a warm and gentle vibe inside. As well as being UV and mould resistant, the material is treated to be water resistant for up to 60 weeks of constant use, but can last longer depending on the conditions.

PRO Canvas for the professional user - To deal with the demand from our customers for an even more hardwearing canvas, we developed a heavier duty cotton canvas in Europe that is thicker than our Premium canvas at 440 grams per square metre, and has a higher mould resistance. Extremely durable and fully weatherproof, the canvas is also stiffer as it is heavier gauge cotton, with thicker proofing and a lot stronger.

All premium and Pro canvas is tested to adhere to European to BS5852 standards - This is the 'cigarette test' that shows that the tent will not ignite when burnt by the likes of a cigarette. If burnt with the likes of a gas burner it takes an average of five seconds to ignite and will not drip molten plastic as with polyester tents.

Find out more about how to care for your canvas tent here.

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