Orland Tent Stove (2.5kW)


This hand-made Orland Tent Stove gives the efficiency and heat of a wood burning stove, with the enjoyment you get from a camp fire.

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Orland Camp Stove (3.0kw)


A beautiful, versatile Orland Camp Stove for larger tents, all the efficiency of a wood burning stove, with glass walls to let the firelight enchant you, safely!

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Orland Stove Baking Oven


A pack flat baking oven that sits securely on either size of the Orland Stove.

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Grill Unit for Orland Camp Stove


Cook inside your stove on a grill unit designed for the Orland Camp Stove.

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Orland Stove Low Stand (11cm)


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Antler Handle for Orland Stoves


Brass Hinged Antler Handle for Orland Stoves.

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