Our tents come with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects.

We can also supply spare parts and accessories, but because of the nature of camping our warranty does not cover damage that is not the result of a manufacturing defect.

By manufacturing defect we mean things like:
  • Fault with stitching
  • Fault with water proofing
  • Missing parts

If your tent has a manufacturing defect or is damaged in transit please take pictures of the packaging and the damage straight away and contact us via email, attaching the pictures, so we can sort it out with the shipping company.

We take our customer support very seriously and will do our utmost to sort out any problems but like any warranty it is not a blanket insurance against damage caused by storms, high winds, other acts of nature or malicious or non-malicious damage.

Our tents are not manufactured to withstand extreme weather conditions, our warranty does not offer to cover situations in which poles have bent as a result of windy/ stormy conditions.

Have a look at the advice on our caring for your canvas page. You can also purchase spares directly from our sales team who will be happy to help.

We offer a 14 day 'cooling off period' from delivery and we recommend you check your tent and familiarise yourself with it within that period and come back to us if you think there is a defect.

Remember, if you put up your tent and then decide that you don't want it, or that you need to swap to a different size, we cannot re-sell it as new!

Please always take some pictures of any problems so you can send them to us and we will then happily cover any replacement shipping both ways if we agree it is a defect. If we don't have any pictures or other satisfactory proof of a problem then, like most warranties, it's up to the buyer to organise and pay for the return of the product and this will not refunded.

Be warned that shipping a 32kg tent back to us will cost a lot of money if not on a bulk account so please take the time to take some pictures, even if it's on your mobile phone. This does not affect your statutory rights as a buyer.

Feel free to call us on +44 7830 355 993 or email us here.

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