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4.4m Deluxe Touareg Tent


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Inspired by the tents of the nomadic Touareg peoples of the Sahara, this tent fits up to two double mattresses with a walkway in the middle. With two doors and windows, each fitted with micro mesh to keep the bugs out and lots of space to get creative, have a look at our accessories and conjure up a little bit of Camping with Soul magic.

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Touareg Inner Tent


This model allows Touareg owners to create a compartment lengthways along their tent. Up to two can be fitted, which leaves a central 'alleyway' down the tent, with each inner able to accommodate a queen-size mattress.

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Ok, they're not really Bell Tents, but these are two tents made out of the same quality materials that we just love.

The Scout Patrol Tent is so evocative of the world of the '50s and '60s - a classic tent through the ages. The 4.4m x 3.5m size is ideal for four adults in glamping mode but can also fit up to eight adults on roll-mats.

The Touareg is our tribute in miniature to the huge tents of the desert tribes. Its 4.4m x 3m size makes it perfect for a couple or can comfortably sleep a young family of four on a camping trip.

Both of these canvas tents can be easily fitted with a Flashing Kit to allow for the use of a stove. You can learn how to do this by reading our blog post Installing a Flashing Kit/Stove Hole.

We recommend our British-made Frontier Stove for this size, which already comes with a FREE Bell Tent Flashing Kit, or our Orland Tent Stove, hand-made in Denmark. You can look at our Camping Stoves and Ovens to see the full range of stoves and stove accessories.

Please note that none of our Awnings or Tarps can be attached to our Touareg tent as it doesn’t have an A-Frame. If you are looking for a freestanding awning to use with this tent, we would recommend our Malu Awning or 2m x 4m PRO Awning with our Pro Awning Pole Kit. You can use a variety of our Tent Awnings and Tarps with our Scout Patrol Tent.

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