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4 metre Ultimate Single Pole Tipi Tent


A modern twist on the classic Tipi tent design.
  • Can be used with or without guy ropes - great for smaller spaces
  • A sturdy, tough and robust design
  • Features a zipped-in "bath-tub" groundsheet
  • Quick and easy to pitch in around 10 minutes

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Dimensions & Features

Our ingenious version of a classic Tipi - this single pole design means no more humping around lots of long poles. Our 4m Tipi is perfect for two adults glamping or a young family of four on a camping trip. This neat design packs down small, goes up fast and has an ingenious venting system that keeps the rain out and air circulating. All our tipis feature a heavy-duty, 540gsm zipped-in groundsheet, allowing you to roll up the canvas on a hot summer day if you fit the guy ropes.

The single pole design makes everything a bit easier

Traditional teepees have multiple long poles that create the structure and a permanent hole in the roof. Our version makes life much more straightforward, with one foldable centre pole for easy transportation and quick pitching.

Ideal for festivals

Depending on the weather, you can pitch our tipis with or without the guy ropes. It takes longer to pitch with guy ropes, but you end up with a super sturdy aerodynamic structure. Without guy ropes, it's great for festivals as it is faster to pitch, has a smaller footprint, and has no trip hazards to catch out wobbly neighbours at night. Its height and unique design also make it easy to spot in a sea of other tents.

Ingenious ventilation system

One of the best features of the tepee design is the openable venting system at the top of the tipi, which you operate from the ground outside the tent using two guy ropes. Open it to regulate the airflow or close it to keep the rain out. The vent also makes fitting a cosy wood-burning stove really simple, and you don't have to cut a hole in the roof. Just make sure you have a double sleeve flue where it goes through the canvas. See our Stoves collection for options.

Main features of our 4m Ultimate Single Pole Tipi:

  • Classic Tipi silhouette without all the poles
  • Adjustable cone vent for ventilation and easy stove installation
  • Easy and quick to pitch by one person in around 10 minutes
  • Small footprint makes it great for festivals and smaller spaces
  • Can be used with or without guy ropes
  • Heavy-duty zipped-in 540gsm “bath-tub” groundsheet
  • 250cm centre pole offering ample headroom
  • Made from 285gsm 100% unbleached, natural, breathable cotton canvas
  • Treated to be water, UV and mould resistant
  • Our premium canvas has a 3000mm Hydrostatic Head (HH)
  • Our heavy-duty groundsheets are over 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head (HH)
  • Tested to BS5852 fire retardancy standards
Our tents are covered by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed information please see the tent warranty section of our website.
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