6 metre Pro Quarter Inner Tent


Designed for 6m Bell Tents, this inner allows you to get the benefit of a separate interior compartment while still keeping a large living space.
  • Dual-purpose design: sleep and live in comfort
  • Fits queen bed: ideal for private sleeping quarters
  • Bug-proof mesh: zippable for insect-free zone
  • Quick setup: easy, sheltered installation
Dimensions & Features

Enhance your 6m Bell Tent with a versatile inner compartment.

For Bell Tent enthusiasts seeking a smart way to organise their space. Our specially designed Quarter Inner Tent is the perfect solution for those wanting to balance a roomy living area with a private sleeping space.

Dual Functionality: Spacious Yet Private.

Imagine stepping into your 6m Bell Tent and finding a dedicated compartment tailored for rest while still preserving the vast communal area for daytime activities. This inner tent neatly creates a quarter-sized section that effortlessly accommodates a queen-sized double bed or a pair of single beds. Ideal for a serene bedroom setup or a secure kids' zone, it ensures the majority of your tent remains an open, inviting space for everything else.

Create Your Own Areas: Living and Sleeping Zones.

The inclusion of an inner tent means you can design your interior to match your needs. Use it to partition off a sleeping area or craft multiple bedrooms within your tent. The built-in groundsheet and mesh walls offer the bonus of zipping up to form an insulated, insect-free zone, allowing you to enjoy a good night's sleep or a peaceful retreat without any unwelcome visitors.

Installation Made Simple: A Sheltered Process.

Concerned about the hassle of setting up? Fear not. Our inner tent is designed for simplicity, attaching seamlessly in just a few minutes. Better yet, the entire setup can be completed from the inside, providing you shelter from any unexpected weather. This means less time setting up and more time enjoying your adventure.

Unlock Your Tent's Full Potential with Style

By introducing an inner tent to your setup, you're not just organising space – you're enhancing your camping experience. This addition brings out the full potential of your Bell Tent, offering you the flexibility to create your ideal environment, come rain or shine.

Customer Reviews

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Freya K
Great for small children and even adults

We purchased this the summer after gettinng our tent as now we have a toddler with us when we go camping. Its been a great addition as good for extra warmth, keeps the bugs out & is good for just having a small private area without taking up too much space.

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