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6 metre Ultimate Single Pole Tipi Tent


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For those who want a very large, tipi-style tent, this 6 metre Ultimate Tipi has a huge floor area, but is still model features a heavy-duty groundsheet that can be separated from the canvas using the sturdy zip, allowing you to open up the sides and enjoy a cool breeze on a hot day.

Our XXL sized version of a classic Tipi - this single pole version means no more humping around lots of long poles or having a permanent hole in the roof.

This efficient design packs down neatly, is very easy to pitch and has a really ingenious venting system that keeps the rain out and air circulating. Open and close the tip of the Tipi using two guy ropes, brilliant for ventilation on a hot summer day.

This 6m Ultimate Tipi will fit up to ten adults on inflatable mattresses, or use it as an event space to seat 25. Some of our customers use it as a venue for festival make up, massages and gathering spaces. Add a stove and some Camping with Soul accessories.

The vented, weatherproof top opening means that fitting a stove is very easy (see our stove tipi kit, with extra flues to reach the top!) without having to cut a hole in the canvas. Take it out in the autumn, light the stove and cuddle up for a cozy night under canvas.

This Tipi can be used with or without guy ropes depending on the weather. Normally no guy ropes are required, making it great for festivals as it's fast to pitch, has a smaller footprint, and avoids a trip hazard that can catch people out at night!

With the guy ropes fitted you can roll up the canvas to let the breeze come through, but remember its size, you'll need to keep an eye on it to avoid it becoming a monster kite

Please be aware this is a very large structure, with a huge surface area and is more likely to be affected by adverse weather conditions than smaller tents in our range. So bear this in mind when selecting a pitch site and make sure you are around to keep an eye on it.

Have a look at our 'style and size' guide page to make sure this is the right tent for you.

Modern materials and a classic design brought together to deliver a simple, highly effective large Tipi.

  • Adjustable ventilation cone vent
  • 3.5m centre pole
  • Lightweight 285gsm, unbleached cotton canvas
  • Our 100% cotton canvas is treated to be water, UV and mould resistant. Please see our caring for your canvas page to keep your tent in tip top condition
  • You will find our tried and tested cleaning products here
  • Can be erected by one person in around 15 minutes
  • Zippable PVC groundsheet to let the breeze flow through on a hot summer's day
  • Heavy–duty zipped front door
  • Our tents are European tested to BS5852 fire retardancy standards
  • Please find our comprehensive, downloadable instructions for this tent here
  • Our tents are covered by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed information please see the tent warranty section of our website
  • Floor Diameter: 600 cm
  • Centre Pole Height: 350 cm
  • Center Pole Thickness: 3.1 cm
  • Door Height: 180 cm
  • Total Weight: 40 kg
  • Packed Down Size: 96 x 45 x 45 cm
  • Canvas Weight: 285 gsm
  • Groundsheet Weight: 540 gsm
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