Cast Iron Tea Kettle


Great for all types of tea.
  • 1.5 litre
  • Built to last a lifetime
  • Comes with a removable stainless steel infuser
  • For use on hobs and fires

A beautiful and incredibly solid kettle for that crucial cup of tea in the great outdoors.

Made from cast iron, this tea kettle is hardy enough to be placed directly into a hot fire, and its flat bottom means it is equally suited for use on a hob. Cleverly featuring an optional tea infuser, this kettle can be used to boil plain water or to brew tea.

The Cast Iron Tea Kettle has a simple and beautiful oriental design, with a lovely curved handle that makes lifting it off and on the fire or hob hassle-free. A hardwearing kettle for use on hobs and fires, built to last a lifetime.

  • Great for using on the hob for that morning cuppa!
  • This is a wonderful piece of kit.
  • 1.5 litre cast iron tea kettle.
  • Hardy enough to be put straight into an open fire or on top of a wood burner stove. Can be used to either boil water or as a teapot as it comes with a removable stainless steel infuser - great for all types of tea.
  • A really great product made out of quality cast iron with a cool oriental style.
  • It's bloody heavy - a really solid bit of kit!
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