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Emperor Bell Tent ‘Blackout’ Inner Tent With Divider


Black-out Inner Tent.
  • Loads of Blackout, Sleep in late!
  • Ideal for creating a kid's sleeping area
  • Breathable cotton-based material
  • Extra privacy, insulation and warmth
  • Option for one or two inners to be fitted

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Dimensions & Features

Introducing the Blackout Emperor Inner Tent

Crafted to be paired perfectly with the Emperor Bell Tent, our new blackout inner tent is an embodiment of luxury, privacy, and comfort for the discerning camper. Featuring a zippable divider, it can be used as one room that will easily fit a King-size bed or split into two with a Queen-size bed in one and two slim singles in the other. You can also fit two inners in the Emperor, one at either end, but it's worth noting that positioning a second inner will restrict access to the side door.

This specially designed blackout inner tent comes complete with a robust, integrated groundsheet and mesh walls, providing you with a secure, insulated, and insect-free haven. As with all our inners, installation is a breeze, taking mere minutes, with elasticated fittings that allow the structure to weather the breeze.

Zippable Divider offers One or Two rooms

An innovative zippable divider allows you to create two bedrooms and control the amount of light and ventilation in both separately. The blackout divider offers privacy between the two spaces, and you can have one darker to stop the kids from waking up at dawn and the other more ventilated with better visibility.

Create a Sanctuary of Cleanliness and Warmth

Effortlessly fitting the inner tent from the cosy confines of your Emperor Tent provides an immediate escape from the outside elements. The built-in "bath-tub" groundsheet ascends 10cm above the ground, granting an additional barrier against moisture and unwelcome critters. This blackout model comes with a double door system, with both sides offering three settings for your convenience: fully open, semi-blackout mesh in place with privacy doors retracted, or completely sealed for ultimate privacy.

Bug-Proof Peace of Mind with a Breath of Fresh Air

The innovative elasticated design of the blackout inner tent ensures flexibility during windy conditions, enabling you to roll up the tent walls while keeping the inner tent securely in place. The mesh doors continue to protect your slumbering space from insects, all while permitting a refreshing breeze to circulate, assuring you stay cool and the tent remains ventilated.

Main Features of our Emperor Blackout Quarter Inner Tent:

  • Fits at one end of the Emperor, taking up a third of the tent.
  • One or two inners can be fitted at the same time.
  • Loads of blackout which delivers a private, blackout-protected sleeping space.
  • Brilliant as a dark kids' bedroom, stopping them from waking up at dawn.
  • A zippable divider allows for one or two bedrooms within the inner.
  • Each bedroom can have different amounts of blackout and ventilation.
  • Quick, solo setup while inside the tent.
  • Suspends from the central 'D-ring' for hassle-free installation.
  • Three door settings available: open, mesh net, or full privacy door.
  • Provides additional insulation to extend your camping season.
  • Can remain in place with the tent walls rolled up.
  • High-quality mosquito mesh for protection against insects.
  • Elasticated attachments for structural flexibility in windy conditions.
  • Raised groundsheet for excellent protection against moisture and dirt.
Our tents are covered by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed information please see the tent warranty section of our website.

Customer Reviews

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Worth the wait

Called in October and was given the heads up about this.
Went on the waiting list. Just arrived and tested and it's great. Really does block out most of the light when closed up making the kids sleep in to normal o'clock. Get one.

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