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Emperor Inner Tent


Create one or two interior compartments in your Emperor Bell Tent.
  • Divide the tent into separate sleeping and living areas
  • Added layer of privacy, insulation and warmth
  • One or two inners can be fitted simultaneously
  • Added bug and insect resistance

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Dimensions & Features

This inner tent is specially designed for the Emperor Bell Tent. It is large enough to comfortably fit a king-size bed (180cm wide), perfect for a couple or a couple with a small child on smaller mattresses. Up to two inners can be fitted at once (one at each end with a 2 metre space in the middle) but please be aware that the second inner will block the use of the side door.

The inner tent features a built-in groundsheet and mesh walls, so you can zip it closed to create an insular, bug-proof area. As with all of our inners, it takes just a couple of minutes to fit and has elasticated fittings so it can flex in the wind.

Keep your sleep space clean, warm and private

It takes only a few minutes to fit an inner tent and can be done entirely from inside the warmth of your Bell Tent, avoiding inclement weather. Each inner has its own "bath-tub" groundsheet, which rises 10cm from the ground for an extra layer of protection against mud, rain and pests! This inner tent features a double door with three settings; 1. Fully rolled back and open, 2. Mesh in place, privacy doors rolled back, and 3. Completely closed for total privacy from the rest of the tent.

Added protection against insects when the tent walls are rolled up

The elasticated inner tent fittings allow the inner tent to flex in the wind, meaning you can roll your tent walls up with the inner tent still in place. The mesh door layer allows a breeze to run through your tent and inner, keeping you cool and your tent ventilated whilst keeping bugs and pests out!

Main features of our Emperor Inner Tent:

  • One or two inner tents can be fitted at the same time
  • Create separate, clean sleeping areas
  • Can be fitted in around 3 minutes without having to leave your tent
  • Attaches to the "D-ring" on the centre poles (can't use at the same time as a tea light chandelier)
  • Doors have three settings: open, mesh only or full privacy door
  • Extend your season with added insulation
  • Roll your tent walls up with the inner tent still in place
  • Elasticated fittings allow the inner tent to flex in the wind
  • Fine mosquito mesh helps keep bugs out and kids in
  • Built-in "bath-tub" groundsheet that rises 10cm off the ground for extra protection against water, dirt and bugs
Our tents are covered by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed information please see the tent warranty section of our website.

Customer Reviews

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Tony D.
Extended the glamping season & have a bit more privacy.

We have used our tent without the inner but since purchasing one, it has truly been fantatsic! They add a little bit of extra warmth during those chilly nights at the beginning & end of the season especially since we mostly use ours in wales. The inners are also great to have a private space in your tent.

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