Camping with Soul Naturalmat - XL


Perfect for Glamping or use at home as a bed topper.
  • 100% organic cotton ticking
  • Organic lambswool and shredded recycled denim
  • Hand made in Devon
  • 80cm x 200cm

An XL version of our exclusive, organic handmade and fantastically convenient roll-up mattress, developed in collaboration with Devon's Naturalmat company.

Exclusive to Bell Tent UK, the Camping With Soul Naturalmat is lovingly made by our friends at Naturalmat who are known for their high end domestic and commercial mattresses which are used by many top boutique hotel chains.

The XL has been created with an extra 15cm length to make it the same size as a domestic standard single mattress, so is perfect for a full-size camping bed frame.

Made from organic lambswool wrapped in 100% organic cotton ticking cover, our mattress has a core of shredded recycled denim that gives proper support and a great night's sleep.

With clever straps to allow you to roll up the mat and carry it, you have a portable, comfortable bed. They also help to pack it down for easy storage in the home.

A clever hidden Velcro strip down one side allows two mattresses to be 'mated' together so no more falling through the gap!

They are also designed to be a full-time natural mattress topper for your bed at home so you can really get your money's worth.

The thickness of the mattress gives great support and truly effective insulation from the ground. The cotton cover can be completely removed and is machine-washable on a cold wash, no tumble drying, let it air dry.

Each mattress has also been treated with a scentless eucalyptus and lemon verbena formula as a natural insecticide.

These luxurious mattresses are really handy to have on hand at home as an extra guest bed – which can be conveniently rolled up and stored away.

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Please be aware these beautiful, natural products can attract moisture due to osmosis, so it’s good practice to air them out if camping long term and make sure they are bone dry when you get home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Emily Payne
Camping Naturalmat

Comfortable rollout mat, great for teenage guests or camping (note too heavy to hike with, but great if have transport). Comfortable impromptu bed and rolls up nicely. Probably don’t need the XL unless you’re over 6ft2.


We now have four of these and they are awesome. They mean I can sleep anywhere for any length of time comfortably. Sometimes we use them on the floor, sometimes with a camp bed and, at home, on a bed settee for extra comfort. They are also great to lean against or sit on when rolled up. They are big so you need plenty of space to transport and store them. It might sound obvious but they also need to be stored somewhere dry.

Went for the XL so it matched the lenght of my mattress at home.

Stayed with friends and got out up for the night on their Naturalmat.
Slepted like a baby (wine probably helped) and my dodgy back felt great.
Decided to get my own and they recommended the XL so it would match my bed at home incase I wanted to use it as a topper.
Did that and it's still on my bed.

Game changing comfort.

Really comfortable and high quality.
Loving our handmade naturalmat.
It gets used for camping, an occasional sleepover roll mat and mattress topper.
Denim "core" seems to really work and there's lots of support.
The best.

Peter B
The most comfortable nights sleep I've had in a tent

Where do I start.
Heard about the Camping With Soul Natural Mat on a forum and bit the bullet after another morning of waking up on a deflated infalatable.
Super comfortable and love the way two of them can velcro together so no one ends up down the crack.
No more being woken when my partner rolls over and a suprising amount of support.
Just make sure you hang it up to air it after a camping trip and it's a winner.

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