Nikwax Tech Wash & Cotton Proof



Ideal when used in conjunction, these UK-made products allow you to clean and reproof sections or the whole of your tent or awning.

Enabling you to clean and re-waterproof your tent at home, these two Nikwax products are water-based and non-toxic, making them much safer to use and better for the environment than alcohol- or petroleum-based products.

Tech Wash is a specially designed wash-in cleaner for waterproof canvas, and it safely revitalises the breathability and water-resistance of the canvas of your tent or awning. It can be used for a quick spot clean or to wash the entire tent, depending on your needs, and can prolong the life of your tent by removing dirt, which in turn tends to attract moisture. It is also essential to wash canvas before reproofing.

Cotton Proof allows you to reproof your canvas while keeping it nice and breathable, and even inhibits the growth of mould in damp conditions (although all canvas should only be stored when bone dry).

The Nikwax range is available in two sizes for localised treatment or thorough cleaning and reproofing, depending on your needs.

The easy way to wash and re-waterproof your tent.

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