Purple Glass Tea Light Chandelier


Gives out a fantastic relaxing light to your tent.
  • Surprisingly good at adding warmth to your tent
  • Perfect for Bell Tents
  • Ideal for use in the home
  • Single tier - 12 tea lights, double tier - 21 tea lights
Dimensions & Features
Fitting & Safety Instructions

Our simply elegant candle chandeliers provide light, heat and an enchanting, relaxed vibe, and really is the ultimate glamping accessory.

Ideal for smaller tents, the Single Layer Tea Light Chandelier is simple but impressive, 12 clear glass tea lights casting a honeyed, warm glow around the tent. All of our chandeliers are also ideal for use in the home, just be careful where you hang it.

Our Double Layer Tea Light Chandelier is a dramatic presentation of 24 lights twinkling in a larger tent or over an outside table in the garden.

The perfect finishing touch for your tent, a chandelier is rustic, romantic and practical all at once.

Bell Tent 2.0