Tear-Aid® Canvas Tent Repair Kit - Type A


For use on canvas, ideal for fixing holes, rips or loose stitching.
  • 3 x 60 Inches
  • UV resistant
  • Instant adhesion
  • Elastic
Stick to
Powerful Fabric Repair Patch Solution

An industrial-strength material formulated for use on canvas, ideal for fixing holes, rips or loose stitching.

Durable, flexible, airtight, water tight and puncture-resistant – Tear-Aid® is an invaluable tool used in many industries where an air-tight, water-tight seal is essential.

Its instant adhesion, no-sewing application and high-bond strength makes it really simple to use, and it offers an exceptionally tough, matte finish that is effectively resistant to abrasion, puncture and tearing.

Whether it's as a solution to an existing problem or to have on hand 'just in case', Tear-Aid® is a vital bit of kit that gives real peace of mind.

Tear-Aid® produces an instant seal at high bond strength for a quick and reliable fix for your canvas tent. This is the large roll of Type A Tear-Aid measuring 3 inches by 5 foot long (7.62cm by 152.4cm) so there is enough to fix a large rip.

We recommend using scissors to round off the corners for a cleaner look and consider taping both sides of the problem if it’s at a stress point.

Brilliant for fixing canvas, PVC groundsheets and a myriad of other things in life, it’s worth having some in reserve just in case.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent - Tape withstood torrential rain

Had been looking for a repair tape for a while. Had a mixture of holes across four tents - Some small 10p piece size, one larger approx 20cm tear. Tapped both and both withstood torrential rain storm.

Great Repair for Bell tents

We had a rip in our tent after a hurricane (almost) lifted our tent onto the front pole.
This was a much cheaper option than a repair and held up really well for the rest of summer.
Highly recommended

Bell Tent 2.0