Upcycled Naturalmat Bag


Specially designed for the Camping with Soul Naturalmat.
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Made from repurposed canvas
  • Protects your mattress in transit
  • Can be used as a general kit bag
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Feast your eyes on the latest gem in eco-friendly camping gear: The upcycled Naturalmat Bag.

This isn't just a bag; it's a testament to style, sustainability, and supreme protection for your treasured Naturalmat camping mattress. Designed to protect all three sizes of our exclusive Camping with Soul Naturalmat Mattresses it can also be used as a general bag, for camping or in reality. (Sorry Naturalmat not included)

From Awnings to Awe-Inspiring:

Our journey began with a batch of awnings that didn't quite make it to the final deployment phase. But we don't let quality materials sit idle! Instead, we put our creative caps on and created the perfect bag for your Naturalmat.

Top-Notch Material: The Rugged Embrace of Canvas.

The body of this bag is crafted from the same pro-weight 100% cotton canvas we use in the Bell Tent UK Pro tent range– the same material that's tough enough for bell tents and stylish enough for designer bags. It's resilient, breathable, and oh-so-classy. Your camping mattress will be enveloped in durable luxury — because even glamping gear deserves a first-class seat.

Ripstop Edges: No More "Oops" Moments.

Ever snagged your bag on a branch and suddenly you've got a hole resembling the Grand Canyon? Not with this bag! Outfitted with ripstop edges at its opening, it laughs in the face of potential rips and tears.

Damp-Proof Base: Guard Against the Morning Dew.

When the morning dew sets in, you need a champion to keep the damp away from your mattress as you dismantle your camp. That's where our 650gsm pro groundsheet material comes into play. This powerhouse base ensures your mattress stays dry as a bone – no matter how dewy the grass gets.

No more wrestling with unwieldy rolls trying to keep them off the floor. Bag your mattress up inside the tent and carry it over your shoulder with the matching strap keeping your hands free. Say hello to a clean, dry, and blissfully hassle-free camping experience. Here's to many more nights under the stars, wrapped in the peace of mind that only the Naturalmat Bag can bring. Happy camping, folks!

NB. Always air your mattress out when you get home before long-term storing it in the bag. You want it to be bone-dry to keep it fresh and ready for the next adventure.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautifully made!!

What a clever idea and really well executed.
my Naturalmat has never been so content.

Upcycled heaven

What a great bag that perfectly fits my adult Natural Mat.
Love the idea that it's made from an unwanted Awning and looking at the workmanship I can't believe someone has the time to acheive that in the UK.
Groundsheet base stops your mattress getting damp when your striking camp and the drawstring top keeps the dust out.

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