Wet & Forget: Mould, Algae, Lichen and Moss Removal & Killer (5L)


Gentle cleaning action to prevent harsh scouring of scrubbing.
  • Dilute with water
  • 5 litre concentrate makes up to 30 litres
  • Covers 100-300 square metres
  • Apply with a garden sprayer

Remove mould and mildew from the source and extend time between cleaning.

Features a unique combination of biodegradable selective surfactants that when diluted with water and applied destroy mould, mildew and grime while cleaning the canvas on your tent. Wet & Forget tent mould remover is a non-caustic, non-acidic and bleach free formula. Wet & Forgets' gentle cleaning action uses post treatment weathering technology, meaning that elements such as rain and wind help the solution to keep working overtime.

5 litre concentrate makes up to 30 litres, covering 100-300 square metres. Apply Wet & Forget to your canvas outdoors and leave your tent up for as long as possible after applying the product, so that the formula can attack the regrowth.

Please be aware that once Wet & Forget has done its magic the waterproofing on your canvas will be completely stripped so it's vital you re-proof your tent! We recommend using a strong proofer such as Ultramar Cotton Protector.

PLEASE NOTE: Wet & Forget can not be used in conjunction with Fabsil or if you have previously used Fabsil to re-proof your tent.

For more information please see Caring for your Canvas.

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