4.5 metre PRO Bell Tent ‘Blackout’ Inner Tent


Black-out Inner Tent for 4.5m PRO Bell Tent.
  • Loads of blackout, sleep in late!
  • Breathable cotton-based material
  • Includes zippable windows and front bug mesh
  • Zippable Divider allows for one or two bedrooms
  • Create a clean sleeping area
Dimensions & Features

Welcome the upgraded Blackout Inner Tent from Bell Tent UK.

Designed to match up with our 4.5m Pro Bell Tent with 13 guy ropes. (See other listing if you have the 14 guy rope 4.5m Ultimate as you don’t want to get the wrong version!)

The 4.5-meter Pro Blackout Inner Tent boosts your camping experience by blocking out loads of sunlight. Say goodbye to premature sunrise awakenings and hello to blissful, uninterrupted sleep—yes, even the kids will snooze past dawn, making mornings joyously manageable.

Specially designed for our 4.5m Pro Mesh Bell Tents, this inner tent innovation comes with a zippable divider, allowing you to configure one expansive sleeping chamber or two cozy compartments. Tailored to create a half-moon-shaped sanctuary opposite the door, it offers a sewn-in groundsheet coupled with a dual door system of mesh and canvas. This clever combination affords you seclusion, pest protection, and a shield against the elements, all while maintaining a pristine sleeping area distinct from your tent’s communal zones.

Bug Protection with a Cool Breeze

Our Blackout Inner Tent pairs perfectly with our 4.5m Pro Mesh Bell Tent. With the option to roll up your Bell Tent's walls, you'll enjoy that refreshing breeze on hot days without sacrificing security from insects or a cool, shaded environment. If you also fit the Pro tents mesh wall you will have double mesh protection. That should keep the little blighters out!

Matching Mesh Windows

This inner tent is equipped with mesh windows that align with your tent's windows, offering effortless ventilation control from inside your darkened retreat. Please be aware, the Blackout Inner Tent is sized to fit our larger 4.5m Ultimate PRO TWIN DOOR Bell Tent; while the mesh windows are designed to align, some may slightly differ due to the double-door setup, but they'll remain easily accessible.

Double Skin Doors: Versatility at Its Finest

Featuring two substantial door flaps, you have the luxury to choose your level of openness. Roll both back for a full breeze, or close one for moderated airflow. Each door is double-skinned, allowing for either complete blackout and privacy or just the blackout mesh for partial light filtering.

Flexible Zippable Divider for Customised Spaces.

Our 4.5m Pro Blackout Inner is thoughtfully equipped with a zippable blackout divider, offering you versatility in how you utilize your space. Opt for two equally sized private chambers for added privacy and individualized light and air control, or simply roll it up to enjoy one grand, luxurious sleeping area. With the divider in use, each room can be its own secluded haven, perfect for keeping curious little gazes at bay.

Main Features of Our 4.5m Blackout Inner Tent:

  • Custom-fit for 4.5m Pro Bell Tents
  • Blocks out loads of sunlight for extended sleep
  • Zippable divider for one large or two small rooms
  • Wind-resistant with elasticated fasteners
  • Quick, easy one-person setup via central 'D' ring
  • Separate 'clean' area for undisturbed rest
  • Flexible door configurations for air and light control
  • Elevated groundsheet edge to combat the elements and pests
  • Darkened interior for peaceful slumber

Rest assured—our tents and accessories come with a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For comprehensive details, please see the tent warranty section on our website.

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