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4.5 metre Bell Tent Inner Tent


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Designed for the 4.5 metre Bell Tent, this inner allows you to get the benefit of separate interior compartments.

This inner tent creates a half-moon shaped compartment opposite the door of your 4.5 metre Bell Tent.

The use of an inner allows you to divide your space between living and sleeping areas, or to create separate bedrooms. With built-in groundsheet and mesh walls, the inner can be zipped closed to create an insular, bug-proof area.

As with all of our inners, this item takes just a couple of minutes to fit, and the whole process can be done from inside the tent, avoiding inclement weather. They also have corresponding windows with the tent, and still, allow you to roll the walls up on our Standard and Ultimate models.

An inner allows you to make the very most of your tent's potential.

Please note: This inner tent is specifically designed for Bell Tent UK tents only. It is not possible to use a tealight chandelier at the same time as an inner because they both require space around the centre pole.

  • Can be fitted by one person in around three minutes without having to leave the warmth of the Bell Tent, so you can use it at night only if you want the full open space of the Bell Tent during the day
  • Twin doors roll up and mimic the shape of the tent to retain the feeling of space
  • Doors have three settings, open, mosquito net only or full privacy door flaps
  • High quality, heavy-duty zips
  • Built-in groundsheet that comes 3 inches up the sides that provides another line of defence against water, dirt and bugs
  • Takes up half of the tent opposite the door so you can have a separate 'clean' area away from the door
  • Extends the seasons you can use your Bell Tent by supplying extra insulation
  • Two zippable window flaps that match up with the windows in the Bell Tent
  • Internal pocket for valuables
  • The ultimate line of bug defence
  • When used with our normal Bell Tent with a separate groundsheet you can have the walls rolled up with the Inner Tent still in place. This allows the breeze through to keep you cool on a scorching day, but still gives you the bug protection and little people can be stopped from crawling off without overheating
  • Beautifully made from high-quality material
  • Our Inner Tents are covered by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed information please see the inner tent warranty section of our website.
  • Lightweight, high-quality cotton
  • Only weighs 4.5 kg
  • All packs down into a small matching canvas bag, approx 60 x 15 x 15 cm
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