4 metre Bell Tent ‘Blackout’ Inner Tent


Black-out Inner Tent for 4m Bell Tents
  • 80% blackout, sleep in late!
  • Breathable cotton-based material
  • Includes zippable windows and front bug mesh
  • Create a clean sleeping area

Discover the latest innovation from Bell Tent UK: The Blackout Inner Tent for uninterrupted morning slumbers!

The Black 4-meter Blackout Inner Tent introduces a revolutionary feature that blocks around 90% of sunlight, letting you indulge in those precious lie-ins. Just imagine the kids sleeping in until sensible o’clock rather than being up with birds at 5am! A true game-changer.

Just like our normal inner tents it's designed to establish a half-moon-shaped sleeping nook directly opposite the entrance. The inner pairs a sewn-in groundsheet with a mesh and canvas dual door system, giving you the perfect combination of privacy, bug defence, insulation, and a barrier against mud and water. This allows for a pristine sleeping space distinctly separate from your tent’s living and dining area. With enough room to comfortably house a queen-sized mattress or a young family of four on camping mats, it's the ideal refuge to relax after a day of adventure.

Bug Protection with a Cool Breeze

Compatible with our range of 4m meter Bell Tents, you can roll up the tent walls on our Standards and Ultimates while the Blackout Inner Tent is in use. Enjoy a gentle breeze on sweltering days while keeping bugs at bay, little adventurers contained, and without worrying about the tent getting too warm.

Matching Mesh Windows for Ventilation

This inner tent comes with practical mesh windows that align with the tent's windows. This allows for seamless control over airflow from within your enclosed sleeping haven.

Please note that while the Blackout Inner Tent will fit snugly into our 4m Ultimate PRO TWIN DOOR Bell Tent, the mesh windows may not align perfectly due to the twin door design, but rest assured, they're still conveniently accessible.

Double Skin doors give you options

Supplied with two large door flaps, you have multiple options. Open and roll back both for maximum ventilation or close one side for less. Each door has a double skin so you can either be fully zipped up for maximum blackout and privacy or just leave the blackout mesh in place for a halfway house.

Main Features of Our 4m Blackout Inner Tent:

  • Tailored for all our 4-meter tent variants
  • Blocks 90% of sunlight for a better sleep
  • Elasticated attachments for wind resilience
  • Single-point hanging from D ring on main pole for easy setup
  • Provides a 'clean' and secluded sleep space
  • Door options: fully open, mesh only, or full privacy
  • Raised built-in groundsheet for extra defence
  • Enjoy a restful environment with extended morning darkness

Our tents and their components are backed by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more in-depth information, please refer to the tent warranty section on our website.

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