Groundsheet Protector Footprint for 4.5m PRO Bell Tent


Specifically designed for our 4.5m Ultimate PRO MESH Bell Tent.

  • Added protection from excessive mud and water
  • Add a layer of insulation to your tent
  • Keep your groundsheet cleaner and drier, useful when packing away
  • Can extend the lift of your Bell Tent

This Groundsheet Protector Footprint has been designed specifically for our 4.5m Ultimate PRO MESH Bell Tent. Please make sure you buy the correct footprint for your tent before ordering.

Unlike all the other sizes of Bell Tents, we supply two versions of the 4.5m Bell Tent, each of which has a different amount of roof panels and, therefore, guy ropes. This footprint is for our 4.5m PRO MESH Bell Tent, which has 13 guy ropes. The other version of this footprint is for our 4.5 Ultimate Bell Tent, which has 14 guy ropes, meaning the spacing between panels is different.

The groundsheet protector footprint provides an extra protective layer that helps keep your Bell Tent's groundsheet cleaner and dryer, which can extend the life of your tent. It really comes into its own when your pitch is wet and muddy, and it's much easier to clean the protector when you get home rather than the whole tent. This extra layer avoids direct contact with the ground, which helps keep the base of the tent clean and can provide some insulation from the cold floor in cooler weather. Overall, a groundsheet protector is a wise investment for any Bell Tent owner.

Easy to install

Available with or without eyelets, the protector fits perfectly underneath the footprint of your Bell Tent. To install, pick your pitch spot and lay out the protector with the long side (the door) facing the desired direction.

If you have the version with the eyelets, peg the footprint in place using a couple of your tent's ground pegs until you get the tent unrolled on top of it. Now erect your Bell Tent on top of the protector without direct contact with the muddy ground. Once you've erected the tent on top of it, swap the pegs used on the protector out for your tent as they are no longer needed to hold it down.

If you have the version without eyelets, you don’t need to worry about pegging it down. Once the tent is on top of it, the weight of the tent will keep it in place.

Main features of our 4.5m PRO Groundsheet Protector Footprint:

  • Provides a protective layer between your tent and the muddy ground
  • Helps to keep the tent groundsheet clean and dry 140gsm tear-resistant PVC
  • Packs down small and is easy to transport
  • Added layer of wet weather protection
  • Helps to extend your camping season
  • Added insulation and warmth from below
  • Helps protect your tent from sharp objects
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