Ultimate Peg Pack


Hard ground pegs.
  • 30 x Pegs
  • 1 x Mallet
  • 1 x Peg Puller

Everything you need to make the pegging of your tent hassle-free and super sturdy.

This pack contains 30 heavy-duty hard ground pegs, and is therefore a real upgrade for those who want extra peace of mind, particularly in windier weather and in less than ideal ground. Our Ultimate Peg Pack also features a 30oz, heavy-duty rubber mallet with a wooden handle, a peg puller, all packaged together in a durable polyester peg bag. Upgrade your tent with the Ultimate Peg Pack for a rock solid set up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dave E.
Great upgrade

These rock pegs seem to go into most ground conditions wirthout bending. Worth getting

Upgrade to what the Pros use.

These Ultimate "Rock Pegs" are brilliant.
I did some work for Hotel Bell Tent, the Boutique camping sister to Bell Tent UK and they used this style of peg.
Work well in most ground conditions but especially good i hard rocky ground.
Thin enought to fit through the grounsheet eyelets there are enough in this set to do a complete tent.


Extremely strong peg shaft. Hope the plastic part of the peg stands up to hammer blows and sunshine. Very handy peg puller, but handle needs to be bigger. Mallet nice and heavy, will make short work of driving pegs. Good value for money!

Bell Tent 2.0