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4.4 metre Deluxe Touareg Tent


Inspired by the tents of the Touareg peoples of the Sahara.
  • Ideal for a couple or young family of four
  • Integrated sewn-in "bath-tub" groundsheet
  • 100% cotton canvas is treated to be water resistant
  • A really outstanding, unique looking tent

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Dimensions & Features
Features room for two double mattresses Features two doors & four windows

Our Touareg is the perfect tent for two but can comfortably sleep up to four adults on a camping trip. The twin door design makes this tent ideal for connecting to other tents, vehicles, and structures. The tent has all the fittings to accommodate one or two of our Touareg Inner Tents whilst keeping a central walkway between the two doors. The exotic 4.4m x 3m rectangular silhouette makes this tent stand out in the crowd. With some interior flair using pieces from our accessories range (such as rugs, stoves and tea light chandeliers), you can almost smell the Touareg campfires ... unmistakable!

Two doors and large mesh windows for added ventilation

This unique tent design has two entrances and four large windows with a mesh inlay, perfect for keeping you nice and cool and your tent well-ventilated during the summer months whilst keeping bugs and pests out. Open the two doors and unroll the canvas flap on the windows to allow a luscious breeze to roll through the tent on a hot, summer day without leaving the tent!

Sewn-in groundsheet for extra protection

Our Deluxe models come with a heavy-duty, sewn-in, permanently attached groundsheet. The groundsheet creates a "bath-tub" effect by rising 10cm off the ground to provide an extra layer of protection in wet weather. The integrated design of our Deluxe range creates a one-piece construction that is quicker and easier to pitch, as the groundsheet shares the same pegs as the canvas walls. The Touareg doesn't need roll-up walls as it has multiple doors and windows, giving more than enough ventilation.

Stands out in a crowd

Made from the same quality components as our Bell Tents, the Touareg is perfect for someone who loves the idea of a Bell Tent but wants something a little bit different. You get roughly the same internal area as a 4m Bell Tent but the added bonus of a walkway through the middle of the tent connecting the two doors.

Main features of our 4.4m Deluxe Touareg:

  • Sewn-in, heavy-duty, "bath-tub" 540gsm groundsheet
  • Ideal for longer-term pitches and glamping site operators
  • A luxurious glamping space for two to five people with all the gear!
  • Padlock the door zips for extra security
  • Really easy and quick to pitch
  • Four mesh-lined windows and mesh door liners keep the bugs out and let the breeze in
  • Fold the groundsheet flat for trip-free access with our innovative door design, or keep it up for flood resistance
  • Foldable flaps in the door corners allow you to run in a power cable without compromising security or waterproofing
  • Has all the fittings for one or two optional inner tents
  • Can accommodate a stove by Installing a Flashing Kit/Stove Hole
  • Made from 285gsm 100% unbleached, natural, breathable cotton canvas
  • Treated to be water, UV and mould resistant
Our tents are covered by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed information please see the tent warranty section of our website.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful space to spend time, feels solid in heavy weather.

I've had this a little over a year now (2 full summers) and have probably spent around 20 nights in it.

So far I'm really pleased. It's been sturdy through some pretty heavy winds, and the heavy duty sewn in ground sheet means no water ingress. Although I do use a tarp under it to prolong the life (also means the underside is dry when packing up).
I've had a bell tent in the past, which I loved, but the rectangular space of this is a lot easier to organise.

The other added advantages are having two doors and quite sizeable windows. It has been great this summer for getting as much breeze through as possible. The doorways on this are also much more convenient in terms of height; I barely have to duck to get in (I'm a fraction over 5' 10").

In terms of set up, it's pretty much the same process as a bell tent but with a few extra poles; big and heavy but very simple to erect, even single-handed.
It is a fair bit heavier to carry than an equivalent sized bell tent, and being less ubiquitous you're a bit more limited in terms of available add-ons (inner tent, porch etc) but I'd say they are the only cons compareed to a bell tent.
Overall we're really pleased with the purchase and have had a great time in the tent.

Bell Tent 2.0