6 metre Double Door Ultimate Bell Tent


A large and versatile multi-purpose Bell Tent with two doors.
  • Double Door offers more access options and can be connected to other tents and structures
  • Zipped-in groundsheet allows you to roll the sides up for extra ventilation
  • A colossal internal floor space of over 26m2 - ideal for events and hospitality use
  • Although large, these are very easy to pitch and take down
Dimensions & Features
Feature - interior of 6m double door ultimate bell tent Feature - 6m double door ultimate bell tent with additional pro porch connector awning and 5m tent Feature - 6m double door bell tent and additional inner tent

The Double Door version of our 6m Ultimate Bell Tent, this tent has an extra second door at the back of the tent and is made from the same weight materials. It's ideal for those who don't want to go as far as the Pro version with its extra weight and drying time. We recommend this version for campers who go on camping trips rather than those looking for a long-term pitch.

Opposing Double Doors

The two large opposing Double Doors offer more ventilation without having to raise the walls and the option of attaching another tent or structure while still having access through the front door. See our (Pro Porch and Connector) It also provides additional headroom as there are two A frames to raise the roof height around the doors. One glampsite buys this variant just for the additional rear headroom and "seals" the rear door with a cable tie through the door zips.

Our Ultimate design - the best of both worlds!

Our super-sized Ultimate Bell Tent Double Door has a zipped-in, heavy-duty 540gsm "bath-tub" groundsheet so you can roll up the walls. In fine weather, you can unzip and roll up part or all the sides to let the breeze flow through; this is especially handy if you use the tent as an event or hospitality space!

An impressive, flexible inside space

With a 350cm centre pole and a 6-metre diameter, this is a big tent with plenty of room to move around. With a floor space of more than 26m2, it will accommodate up to ten adults on inflatable mattresses in camping mode or a special glamping space for a large family. Many of our customers use this tent as an event space; you can sit up to 25 adults at floor level or use it as a treatment, yoga or meditation space!

Beware. Do you really need to go this big?

This tent is a colossal structure compared to other Bell Tents, and it requires a footprint of 8m in diameter, including the guy ropes. You'll also need a big vehicle to carry enough accessories to deck it out. The tent weighs 47.5kg, so it's definitely not a single-person lift over distance, although one person can easily put it up in 20 mins. Please consider our best-selling 5m Bell Tents before committing to this monster…

Main features of our 6m Ultimate Double Door:

  • 2 Opposing Doors for additional access and ventilation
  • Can be connected to other Bell Tents or structures
  • Zipped-in groundsheet allows you to roll the sides up for extra ventilation
  • A colossal internal floor space of over 26m2
  • Lots of usable headroom with a 3.5m Centre Pole
  • 2 x A frames add to the headroom
  • A huge tent - ideal for small events and hospitality use
  • Although large, it is very easy for one person to pitch in around 20 minutes
  • Four mesh-lined windows keep the bugs out and let the breeze in
  • Has all the fittings for an optional inner tent (quarter or half) Integrated centre pole 'D' ring ideal for accessories such as tea light chandeliers or an inner tent
  • Can accommodate a stove by Installing a Flashing Kit/Stove Hole
  • Made from 285gsm unbleached, natural, breathable 100% cotton canvas
  • Treated to be water, UV and mould-resistant
  • Our premium canvas has a 4500mm Hydrostatic Head (HH)
  • Our 540gsm heavy-duty groundsheets are over 10,000mm Hydrostatic Head (HH)
  • Tested to BS5852 fire retardancy standards
Our tents are covered by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed information please see the tent warranty section of our website.

Customer Reviews

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George T
Two is always better than one

Awesome having the doors, we have used one of ours as suggested to connect to a 4m tent, which has made a nice private annex to our glamping setup.

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