Large Flashing Kit for Tent Stoves 3" to 6-1/4”


A simple to use, DIY kit if you want to use a stove within your tent.
  • Heatproof orange silicone collar
  • 2 x stainless steel metal rings
  • 6 x stainless steel bolts, locking nuts and washers
More Info

The essential kit to fit a stove to your tent. This flashing kit allows you to cut a hole in your tent to use your stove safely.

Our flashing kit is made from vulcanized rubber and can be used at temperatures up to 300 degrees, and is available in two sizes, depending on your needs. Each kit comes complete with one silicone cone, two metal rings with pre-drilled bolt holes, six nuts with locking bolt and twelve metal washers.

Ideal for stoves with a larger flue, from three to six inches. For smaller flue pipes see our small flashing kit. The silicone is very flexible so can be used at an angle of 0-45º. We also sell a 45° flashing kit.

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