Bell tent and firepit in the night at christmas time

For many of us this year going camping was a welcome highlight.

Rediscover that free-range feeling with a gift for the happy camper in your life, or indeed your trusty bell tent for the pleasure it gave you. 

We have a range of carefully curated accessories for your tent, many as useful in the home as they are in great outdoors. Have a look at our organic Camping with Soul Naturalmat roll up mattresses - ideal for guests and sleepovers, or our hand spun cast iron cookware, naturally non stick when seasoned and very hardwaring.

Our range of camping stoves are really useful in a garden shed or outbuilding when you are not spending nights under canvas, check out more ideas below.

Frontier PLUS Stove with FREE Bell Tent Flashing Kit

Whether it’s for outdoor use – excellent for sites that don’t allow open fires – or for using inside a tent.

Inside a bell tent with a stove

Shropshire Made Spun Iron 10” Campfire Pan

Thoughtfully designed with a detachable British oak handle which once removed allows you to use your pan on your Bell Tent Stove or at home on a range of domestic stoves.

Campfire pan and bell tent

Camping with Soul Naturalmat

Unique to Bell Tent UK - A handmade warm, comfortable mattress made of lambswool and recycled denim made by the Naturalmat Company in Devon. Suitable for camping ventures and at home for sleepovers & guests.

Naturalmat organic camp bed

Ultimate peg pack

Upgrade your tent with the Ultimate Peg Pack for a rock solid set up.

Heavy duty tent pegs and mallet

Glow in the dark pegs

Harness the sun's energy to avoid the classic trip hazard of guy ropes.

Glow in the dark peg and guy rope

Cupful of Colour

Made from only plant-based materials, these resilient yet fun cups are ideal for packing on your camping trip.

Set of 6 bamboo cups

Gift Card

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice with a Bell Tent UK gift card.

Bell Tent UK gift card

December 11, 2020 — Tobyn Cleeves
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