4.5 metre PRO Bell Tent Inner Tent


Specifically designed for our 4.5m Ultimate PRO MESH Bell Tent
  • Divide the tent into separate bedroom and living areas
  • Added layer of privacy
  • Extra insulation and warmth
  • Mesh layer to prevent bugs and insects
Dimensions & Features

This Inner Tent has been designed specifically for our 4.5m Ultimate PRO MESH Bell Tent. Please make sure you buy the correct inner for your tent before ordering.

Unlike all the other sizes of Bell Tents, we supply two versions of the 4.5m Bell Tent, each of which has a different amount of roof panels and, therefore, guy ropes.

This inner is for our 4.5m PRO MESH Bell Tent, which has 13 guy ropes. The other version of this inner tent is for our 4.5 Ultimate Bell Tent, which has 14 guy ropes, meaning the spacing between panels is different.

The 4.5 metre PRO inner tent creates a half-moon shaped compartment opposite the door. The inner comes with a sewn-in groundsheet and a mesh and canvas dual door system for added privacy, bug proofing, insulation, and protection from mud and water. It allows you to keep a clean sleeping space separate from the living and eating area. Covering half the inside area of the tent, it can comfortably accommodate a queen size mattress and a couple of camping mats - perfect for small families.

Privacy Divider Created Two Bedrooms

This inner tent features a zip-up privacy divider, so you have the option of having one or two bedrooms within it. Great if you don't fancy being eyeballed by your three year old…

Matching Mesh Windows

The inner has zipped mesh windows that line up with the windows in the tent walls, so you can easily open the window flaps for ventilation from inside the inner tent - ideal when the mesh wall is not in use.

Main features of our 4.5m PRO Inner Tent:

  • Lightweight, high-quality cotton
  • Elasticated fittings enable the inner to flex in the wind
  • Hangs from "D-ring" at the top of the centre pole (cannot be fitted at the same time as a tea light chandelier)
  • Can be fitted by one person in around three minutes without having to leave the warmth of the Bell Tent
  • Takes up the half of the tent opposite the door
  • Creates a separate 'clean' sleeping area
  • Doors have three settings: open, mesh net only, or full privacy door flaps to protect your modesty when the tent doors are open
  • Built-in groundsheet that comes 10cm up the sides, providing another line of defence against water, dirt and bugs
Our tents are covered by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed information please see the tent warranty section of our website.

Customer Reviews

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Extended our season

Had our 4.5m Pro for a seaosn and got a bit chilly on a late September camping trip.
Partner wanted to try an inner so we went for it.
It does offer another layer of insulation in the spring and auturm and keeps the bugs out.
We still often use the tent without it but it's great to have the option.

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