5 metre Bell Tent Inner Tent

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Create a half-moon separate compartment in your 5m Bell Tent.
  • Create an 'inner sanctum' clean sleeping area
  • Extra layer of bug protection
  • Another layer of protection against mud and water
Dimensions & Features

This inner tent creates a half-moon-shaped compartment opposite your 5m Bell Tent door.

The use of an inner allows you to divide your space between living and sleeping areas or create a separate bedroom. The inner tent features a built-in groundsheet and mesh walls, so you can zip it closed to create an internal bug-proof space.

As with all of our inner tents, this item takes just a couple of minutes to fit, and the whole process can be done from inside the tent, avoiding bad weather. They also have corresponding windows with the tent and allow you to roll the walls up on our Standard and Ultimate models.

Creates A Single Bedroom Area

This inner tent features privacy screens on the doors and will fit 1 or 2 queen-size mattress's.

Matching Mesh Windows

The inner has zipped-in mesh windows that line up with the window flaps in the tent's walls, so you can easily open the wall flaps for ventilation from inside the inner tent.

Please note, although the inner tent will fit into our 5m Ultimate PRO TWIN DOOR Bell Tent, the mesh flaps will not line up with the tent windows due to the double door design but are still within easy reach.

Main features of our 5m Inner Tent:

  • Create a separate, clean sleeping area
  • Can be fitted by one person in around three minutes without having to leave the warmth of the Bell Tent Hangs from “D-ring” at the top of the centre pole (cannot be fitted at the same time as a tea light chandelier)
  • Twin doors roll up and mimic the shape of the tent to retain the feeling of space
  • Doors have three settings, open, mesh net only or full privacy door
  • Extends the seasons you can use your Bell Tent by supplying extra insulation
  • When used with our Standard or Ultimate Bell Tent, you can have the walls rolled up with the Inner Tent still in place to allow a breeze through
  • Fine mosquito mesh to keep bugs out and little people in
  • Elasticated fittings enable the inner to flex in the wind
  • Built-in groundsheet that comes 10cm up the sides, providing defence against water, dirt and bugs
Our tents are covered by a twelve-month manufacturer's warranty. For more detailed information please see the tent warranty section of our website.

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Jake M
Jake M

My kids love their little tent witihn a tent. its exactly what we needed and its really easy to set up

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