Kadai Fire Bowls


A kadai is a traditional Indian steel pot - these double up as cooking platforms or firebowls to cozy around after you you have eaten

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Kadai Travel Firebowl Barbecue


A firebowl that you can cook on and gather round afterwards as a firepit - cozy!

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Kadai Roasting Pan


A gorgeous pan for roasting nuts or potatoes over your fire bowl. This lovely, rustic pan is great for roasting chestnuts, walnuts or anything else you fancy over your fire bowl. A beautiful wooden handle and simple detailing next to the pan...
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Kadai Cooking Pans, set of three


A lovely nesting set of three hardwearing pans for cooking up a storm at the campsite. Whether it’s on a fire bowl, open fire or stove, these pans are ideal for travelling as they stack together, and the range of sizes mean you’ll always have t...
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Kadai Tripod Bowl


Designed for the Kadai Fire Bowls and tripod, but useable on any fire. This bowl has three rings and three chains to connect to the chain on the tripod. Heavy metal, and great for heating your beans! This item is shipped directly from our su...
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Kadai Cooking Tripod


Made especially to fit the lovely Kadai Fire Bowls, this tripod allows you to hang your cooking vessels over the fire. Available in two sizes to fit either size of Kadai Fire Bowl, the Kadai Cooking Tripod is made in thick, wrought iron with an...
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Kadai Ash Shovel


A useful tool that makes light of a messy job. A simple designed shovel with a curved tip and bent handle, specially designed for use with Kadai Fire Bowls but equally brilliant with any fire bowl, stove or fire. The lightweight shovel is st...
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Kadai Blow Poker


This very clever two-in-one fire poker and blowing device makes getting your fire started a cinch. Made from strong, quality materials, this implement is an extra long poker at 92 centimeters with the invaluable added benefit of being hollow, s...
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